Straight Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel
SVO - Straight Vegetable Oil. Use vegeoil as fuel. Vehicle conversions. Motors and Engines.
SVO - What is SVO ?

What is SVO ?

It is Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) as Fuel.
Some pleople reports the use of Pure Veggie Oil on diesel engines without modifications with a cost of USD 2.64 per gallon. -
Look a mercedes converted to run on vegetable oil -
The Big Green Bus from Dartmouth College runned USA from Coast to Coast on vegetable oil from deep fat fryers. To run on vegetable oil, the oil first has to be heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Using standard diesel until the vegetable oil comes to temperature.
- Zerotec SVO VegeOil Vehicle Conversions
- Veggie Oil Conversions - Convert your diesel vehicle to run on recycled, vegetable oil. Biodiesel & Svo Discussion Forums
UK conversion specialists - The Bio-Fleet Project will create a user base of fifty business vehicles running on a truly sustainable fuel and establish the local fuel supply. The aim is to demonstarate a viable, replicable green transport model for the UK.
Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System - is an auxiliary fuel modification system that allows all diesel vehicles to run on straight vegetable oil in any climate.
Dr Diesel - The British Diesel - Secret - Vegetable oil is affordable earth friendly fuel ! How to install the injector line heaters
Bio Power How to use straight vegetable oil SVO in my diesel engine -
Goat Industries UK based discussion forum - United Kingdom based web discussion forum -
Biodiesel SVO section of the larges vegoil fuels web discussion forum. USA based -
UK based e-mail discussion group -


- Biodiesel in the Marine Environment -
Veggie Diesel Site with information and details of fuel injection equipment with expereinces from experimenting with vegetable oil.

Info and conversion kits -
Biodiesel site with interesting assessment of SVO use check -
Commercial SVO conversions. -
Vegeoil Motors - Daniel Blackburn gives SVO info

Veggie Power Information about vegetable oil fuels
European SVO - Vegeoil Var Info and conversions
Danish NGO promoting SVO and other Renewables, lots of good info. -
German PPO/SVO association -
Swedish company that makes oil presses. Info on SVO conversions -
German - company running vehicles on vegoil since the 1970's - Offer a kit that converts vehicles to run solely on vegetable oil.
German SVO site good info
A Finnish project with straight mustard oil/diesel mix no conversion -
German site Mercedes diesel SVO no conversion -
German company offering SVO kits. Site also contains research paper looking at running vehicles on vegoil through a biocar kit (in German) -
German site detailing VW Passat 1.9Tdi conversion
German company offering SVO kits -
German site containing extensive forum and database with details of hundreds of vehicles running vegoil. -
Swiss conversion kits and fuel grade waste oil supplies. -
German site detailing VW Passat 1.9Tdi conversion -
German site promoting use of oil plants for energy in developing countries -
Dutch site offering Elsbett conversions and promoting SVO use in Europe -
Vegetable oil in the Citroen Xantia - experiences and tips - German site, good information even if you dont have a Xantia -
VW Combi conversion with lots of fabricated parts -
Soenke's salad oil site. Good SVO info from Germany. Lots of VW info. IP reactions to SVO -
German forum with lots of good links. -
The united workshops for vegetable oil technology (VWP). Quality SVO conversions by experienced company. Converting tractors for the '100 tractor program' where new tractors are being converted for single tank SVO and monitored. -
BIGmics' plantoil heaters -
Golf TD conversion. -
German forum -
German conversions company -
German conversions -
French website lots of information. -
Irish company offering -
Irish farmers producing rape fuel -
USA and Canada SVO

alternative energy web site. SVO and biofuel info. -
USA based biodiesel and SVO site co-hosts the best english language SVO message forum and offers a book about SVO and Biodiesel -
vw fat mobile
Hampshire USA based sells conversion kits

USA based conversion kits

Canadian SVO conversions. Other vegetable oil based products site contains E Beggs masters thesis 'Renewable Oil Fuels and Diesel Engines as Components of Sustainable System Design' well worth a read. -
Conversion workshops -
Corvallis Biofuels Co-op- SVO/WVO and biodiesel -
Project Veggie Avenger. Biodiesel/SVO information -
Vegoil Conversions of Diesel Engines. Good FAQs, sells plans online for pre-filtering and conversion kit fabrication. -
a graduate student in the Environmental Science and Policy Department at USF is working on developing the use of unprocessed waste cooking oil. Informative site containing a number of studies. -
Other SVO

Compiled vegetable oil fuel web information -
Hong Kong to Cape Town promoting biofuels and sustainable agriculture. Good SVO and biodiesel information. Biofuel mailing groups. -
Australian SVO. - shows possible fuel line set ups -
Australian farmer promoting SVO/biodiesel -
Promoting SVO in India -

SVO related technical papers
Triglycerides-based diesel fuel Research paper examining mainly biodiesel lists compositions of a number of different plant oils -
Research paper investigating the relationship between veg oil viscosity/temperature -
Research paper investigating emissions from burning vegetable oil in diesel engines(long download time) -
Above reformatted as html - much quicker download -
Agriculture Japan - Japanese research paper looking into running unheated oil in diesel engines - Togashi
Irish research paper looking at different grades of unheated rapeseed oil in diesel engines -
Detailed report from European SVO research project by Advanced Combustion Research for Energy from Vegetable Oils (ACREVO).
University of Orleans - Using sunflower oil as a Diesel fuel in a DI engine – Insulating the piston to reduce deposit formation
German study of running Tdi engines on vegetable oil.
Renewable Oil Fuels and Engines as Components of Sustainable System Design
Palm Oil as a Fuel for Agricultural Diesel Engines: Comparative Testing against Diesel Oil
Unmodified Vegetable Oil as an Automotive Fuel - Report examining SVO. Written at the request of the European Commission -
Automotive SVO Conversion -Report on academic project - The primary motivation for this project is to explore the use of Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) as an alternative fuel source for compression combustion engines -
UK Presentation on Algea oil production - Jamieson Marine Microalgae

UK Biodiesel and Blends

Biodiesel outlets in the UK -
Allied - Biodiesel Industries (UK) Trade association of biodiesel producers

South wales not for profit producing biodiesel and providing other sustainable energy solutions -
BABFO - - The British Association for Biofuels and Oils
Promoting biofuel use in the UK -
Bio-Power - Network vegoil based fuels. Promoting solvent/waste vegetable oil blended fuel. -
Bio Diesel - Health and Safety Executive Leaflet- Domestic production of biodiesel – health and safety warning. Points to ponder although generally considered to be slightly over stated considering other dangerous chemicals regularly handled in domestic situation.

UK Taxation

EU report on biofuels and taxation -
UK HMCE Duty on biodiesel with definition of biodiesel that would appear to include SVO -
Resources about clean energies
Internet pages of the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants -
Bavarian renewables organisation - The purpose of C.A.R.M.E.N. is to promote the research, study, development and use of renewable raw materials to safeguard the future of rural areas, as well as to meet environmental, social and economic demands
Publishes NAWAROS renewables newsletter
Nawar -
- Over 75 biofuel related reports and publications archived as .pdf files at UK based clean-vehicles -
- Technical work forums for engineering professionals -
- National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics technical reports (search for diesel) -
Mechanical science files providing diesel engine info. -
Ecotraffic - report on sustainable fuels to the sweedish government.

Free html mechanics publications -
Vegetable oil and biodiesel educational resource
Mercedes diesel discussion forum. -
Forum for Dodge and cummins diesel truck engines -
VW diesel forum -
Tdi info including wiring diagrams. -
Isuzu - Clean technology - Clean Diesel technology - modern diesel engine development
The diesel place - Chevy diesel and Duramax information

Dodge 50 - information
Schneider - Good German / English dictionary
Diesel engine animation -
Forum for french cars/vans (XUD diesel engine) -
2nd hand spares -
Diesel motorbike website

Ross - VAG-COM supplier. Use your laptop to talk to your Volkswagen - Audi Group computer. Powerfull diagnostic tool. Soon to offer a BMW/Mini diagnostic solution. -
VAG group OBD opensource project -
Automotive wiring components and tools -
Details of the oil engines developed by Herbert Akroyd Stuart -
Film about the development of the diesel engine. -
testing oil for water using the visual crakle method -
- Database of German conversion companies -
The Pros & Cons Of Running An Old Diesel On Used Vegetable Oil
Oil Fuel Conversion on Old Mercedes Diesels
Introduction to the Single Tank Vegetable
Mercedes Diesel Running On Used Cooking Oil - Veggie powered
Vegetable oil for your volvo diesel - Want to run your car 'cheap as chips'? The Top Gear team find out how. A little vegetable oil and your volvo diesel will cost you as ...
How to use a tractor on Vegetable Oil - Yanmar 1610 D cold start tractor on Vegetable Oil in elgin Texas takes about 15 sec to start on Vegetable Oil takes about 2 sec
How to use Vegetable or sunflower oil in a Golf Car? Can you run vegetable/sunflower oil in a standard 2.0 sdi Volkswagen Golf straight awnser.
Running a diesel on Vegetable Oil - How to use VegeOil in Boats (Tank Preparation) Steel Boat Adventures
Driving on Vegetable Oil - Off-Grid Homesteading - Learn how to convert a diesel engine to run on used cooking oil. This truck is still using veg oil for fuel a decade later!
WVO - Waste Vegetable Oil.
Vegeoil Oil 2023
Olive Oil vs. Vegetable Oil: The Differences & When To Use Each ... mindbodygreen
Turning vegetable oil industry waste into power: Electrode modification improves wastewater treatment
Wealden: Fleet of bin lorries to switch from diesel to vegetable oil The Argus
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